Netanyahu’s party admits it hired 1,200 people to secretly film Arab community polling stations

Israeli police confiscated more than 1,200 illegal hidden cameras from Likud activists in Arab polling stations. However, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended the use of his party’s recorders.

Surveillance cameras were carried by Likud volunteers in Arab-majority cities, including Sakhnin, Majd al-Kroum, Nazareth, Tamra and Jisr a-Zarka. Likud confirmed that it had hired 1,200 election observers and equipped them with cameras.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said he was there “A series of alleged irregularities in polling stations in the northern region.”

Channel 13 reports that cameras were also found in polling stations located in ultra-Orthodox areas.

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Hanan Meltzer, Chairman of the Central Election Committee, filed a complaint with the Israeli police, claiming that the cameras were illegal and could only be taken to polling stations. “Exceptional circumstances for reporting an incident.”

Netanyahu said he believed in it after the news was announced “There should be cameras everywhere, not hidden” Add that the devices must “Make a fair vote.”

However, Likud has been accused of using cameras to intimidate Arab voters. “Netanyahu wants to reduce the percentage of Arabs participating in the elections,” said Ahmed Tibi of the Hadash-Taal alliance of two Arab parties.

Arab participation is low “never seen before” An important pollster, Camil Fuchs, said with a 20% participation at 3:30 pm. In the last elections, 63% of Arab voters voted. Meanwhile, the participation rate for Israel is from 4pm to 42.8%.


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