15 Syrian children die of cold in US-occupied areas

Some 15 Syrian children died as a result of the winter cold and lack of medical care in refugee camps in southeastern Syria.
“At least eight minors died in the Rukban camp for displaced persons, located in the border area between Syria and Jordan,” the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reported Tuesday in a statement.
Seven other children perished while fleeing the town of Hayin, in the province of Homs, where the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), supported by the US, are carrying out a military offensive against the terrorist group EIIL (Daesh, in Arabic), Unicef added.
Unicef explained that 13 of the deceased were “less than four months old” and the youngest only one hour old. He also assured that the cold snap and the lack of medical care for children and newborns, have worsened the terrible conditions of these and their families.
Rukban camp’s critical humanitarian situation
The Rukban camp, home to some 45,000 displaced Syrians living in appalling conditions, was established on the Syrian-Jordanian border in 2014, after the Government of Amman closed the border for Syrian refugees, citing security and economic reasons.
In the camp, located in a U.S.-controlled area near its military base at Al-Tanaf, are terrorists and criminals hiding behind peaceful people.
Syrian authorities accuse US forces of supporting terrorists in this area to prolong the war in the Arab country.
U.S. role in the catastrophic situation of the displaced Syrians in Rukban
The United Nations has repeatedly postponed the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Rukban refugee camp because there is a real threat to its security, and because support falls into the hands of terrorists operating in this area.
Russian military and diplomats have repeatedly pointed out that in the area of Rukban, “occupied” by the US (as the US side remains in that area without the consent of the Syrian authorities), there are terrorists from various groups hiding there from the Syrian army.
According to the representative of the Russian Ministry of Defence, Major General Igor Konashenkov, the humanitarian catastrophe in the Syrian region of Al-Tanf has the artificial support of the US side in order to maintain a permanent source of recruits for Washington-controlled armed formations.

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