A British journalist: Adel Al-Jubeir is a Mossad agent

Former Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir is said to be a former Mossad agent, ODYSSEY website revealed.

In an article by British journalist Jemma Buckley, she asserts that Jubeir’s relationship with Israeli intelligence dates back to the 1990s, before he joined the Saudi diplomatic corps and rose through the ranks to become EI Minister.

Buckley assures that it has carried out a major investigation, which has resulted in the most controversial information being gathered in recent years. One of them relates to Jubeir’s collaboration and his secret links with Mossad. What tipped him off was the statements of former Israeli AE Minister Tzipi Livni, who reprimanded the Israeli Mossad for not acting to prevent Jubeir’s dismissal from the former Saudi firm. He currently holds the position of Minister of State for AE.

During her investigation she managed to meet Philip Geraldi, the former CIA officer who made some shattering revelations to her, telling her, among other things, how Mossad made his first contacts with Jubeir.

This had taken place according to him in 1990, when he was still the spokesman for the Kingdom’s embassy in Washington. A few years later, suspicions were raised about his possible recruitment by Mossad. In detail, while Jubeir was studying Economics and Political Science at a University in North Texas, he had approached a former Political Science and International Relations student named Kay Ann Mathieus.
Maintaining close relations with known Israeli diamond traffickers in the United States, she then introduced him to prominent Jewish businessmen and personalities. During an amicable interrogation with the FBI in 1998, she revealed that the first meeting between Adel al-Jubeir and the Israeli Mossad took place in October 1995.

Because of his sentimental relationship with Mathieus and bending under debts contracted with Jewish businessmen in the United States, he had given in to Mossad, explains his former girlfriend. After that, she left him, at Mossad’s request.

According to the author of ODYSSEY’s article, some of Jubeir’s activities within the Saudi Embassy were entirely conducted by Israeli intelligence. Among other things, he was asked to forge close ties with certain American agencies that were later investigated by the FBI.
More important information on these activities on how this Saudi spokesman staggered ranks until he was designated Minister of EI will be published in a book, Backley said.

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