A new American plan targeting Bashar al-Assad

After the bitter failure of its military war against Syria, the American administration is now trying to launch an economic war against Damascus, but also to reduce President Bashar al-Assad’s popularity among his people.

“The evidence does show that Syria is turning the page on war. The unanimous decision to open embassies, especially those of Arab countries, is proof of this,” wrote the Lebanese website El-Nashra.
“The Arab states of the Persian Gulf have indeed thought about not abandoning Syria in the arms of Iranians and Turks. It was expected that Syria would return to the Arab League. But US pressure has hindered the resumption of relations between Damascus and the Arab League.

What the military conflict has failed to achieve, the economic war can achieve by playing on the anger of the people.

The information obtained indicates that three ships carrying oil and gas have been banned from Syrian territorial waters and, in the hope of obtaining permission, have been waiting for months in the vicinity of Cyprus. In addition, when Damascus transfers gas by small vessels, it runs the risk of being targeted by the United States. It should be remembered that the United States sank on the Russian coast in the open Black Sea two Turkish and Tanzanian gas tankers.

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