A Saudi drone was shot dead in Jizan, in southwest Saudi Arabia

According to the Iranian news agency Fars News citing the Lebanese TV station Al-Masirah, yesterday, Thursday, February 7, 2019, the Yemeni army and People’s Committees shot dead a Saudi spy drone in the sky of Jizan, a province located in southwestern Arabia where some areas are now under the control of Yemeni forces.

A military source whose name was not revealed by Al-Masirah said that “the army and the People’s Committees, had succeeded, thanks to God, in overthrowing a spy drone of the aggressors in Wadi Jareh in Jizan province”.

According to this source, at the same time as this action, attacks were launched against an “al-Shabakah” military assembly site, still in Jizan province, where a number of enemy soldiers died.

In recent days, Yemeni forces had also successfully attacked a number of Saudi military bases in Najran province, killing people and causing material damage to military installations.

Some areas of the provinces of Najran and Jizan in southern and southwestern Arabia are now under the control of Yemeni forces. This is mainly the case for heights but also for several military bases.

Four days ago, the Turkish news agency Anadolu announced that Saudi Arabia was being assisted by Bangladesh to monitor its border with Yemen, as part of a recently signed military agreement.

Indeed, on 4 February, the Anadolu agency announced, quoting a spokesman for the Bangladeshi army, that an agreement would be signed between Riyadh and Dakar under which Bangladesh would help Arabia clear the Saudi-Yemeni border.

According to Bangladeshi army spokesman Aziz Ahmed, the commander of the Bangladeshi army reported the signing of the agreement during a trip to Riyadh.

Bangladesh is one of the member countries of the “Saudi Military Coalition for Combating Terrorism”, a coalition that was created in February-March 2016 by Mohammed ben Salmane, then the Kingdom’s Minister of Defence, at a press conference in Riyadh.

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