Aboukamal/Qaem: Syrian reinforcements arrive on the Resistance corridor

Since the strategic meeting between the Chiefs of Staff of the three countries in February, Iran, Syria and Iraq have been working intensively to open two strategic crossing points, Abukamal and Qaem, to restore the Resistance corridor. The latter is supposed to connect Iranian soil to the Mediterranean via Iraqi territory. On the Iraqi side, the Hachds have been working for several weeks to secure the route, against the backdrop of the tracking and dismantling of Daech’s cells and very close surveillance of US military activities. The Hashd have been on alert for a few days now to deal with any terrorist infiltration from Syria, which is obviously controlled from the US base at al-Tanf.

On the Syrian side, on Wednesday 17 April, the Syrian army sent a large convoy of reinforcements to the Iraqi border to secure the crossing point overlooking Iraq. According to the military source, Syrian army reinforcements were deployed on the road near the T-2 pumping station in the rural area of Deir ez-Zor.

The source indicated that reinforcements had been sent to this area to ensure the security of the international road as Iraq prepared to reopen this strategic road linking the Syrian and Iraqi capitals.

This decision also coincides with the recent deployment of reinforcements from Hashd al-Shaabi to the Syrian border through the governorate of al-Anbar.

The Syrian State wants to reopen this international road by the end of the month, because it allows it to strengthen its trade with Iraq and obviously with Iran.

The sending of Syrian reinforcements to Iraq is a clear indication that Syria is seeking to accelerate work to open the road linking the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean, which is of great concern to the United States and Israel.


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