Act 12 of the Yellow Vests pays tribute to the wounded

“Tribute to the wounded”: this is the watchword for act 12 of the Yellow Vests mobilization on February 2. As every week, several rallies have been announced in all the major cities of France.

The yellow vest demonstrations announced on February 2 mark, for this twelfth consecutive Saturday, the third month of mobilization.

According to RT, for this mobilization, the watchword is to pay tribute to the wounded of the previous 11 acts. The “Broken Gules” will lead the procession in Paris and tributes will be paid to them in the regions: act 12 of the Yellow Vests, on 2 February, will honour the hundreds of injured demonstrators since the beginning of the protest, demanding an end to the “police violence that maims”.

This demand is amplified by the Conseil d’État’s refusal, on 1 February, to suspend the use of defence ball launchers (LBDs).

In addition, the price increase of hundreds of consumer products on February 1, like the increase in motorway tolls, is not likely to weaken the determination of the yellow vests.

In Paris, the Yellow Vests call for a “calm white march” in homage to “the wounded and mutilated victims of police violence”.

They gathered behind a banner that calls for “truth and justice for the wounded”, and that says “ban on grenades and LBD”. Jérôme Rodrigues, a very popular figure among the Yellow Vests, seriously injured in the eye during act 11, is present in Paris for act 12.

In Toulouse, the Yellow Vests procession has formed and is beginning to march through the city streets.

In Montpellier, in the rain, the yellow vests gathered at Place de la Comédie and chanted: “Castaner resigned! »

The procession of yellow vests is marching towards the city centre in Valencia, with an estimated 3,000 people according to the Dauphiné, who reports that there have already been 14 arrests.

In Strasbourg, yellow vests gathered outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

The police used tear gas to try to disperse the demonstrators at Strasbourg station.

In Lille, yellow vests gathered in front of a police station to denounce police violence, at the beginning of act 12 of the mobilization.

On the Old Port of Marseille, “a wall of shame” was to be erected in memory of the 14 people who died (11 in France, 3 in Belgium) accidentally since the beginning of the movement.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon deplored on Saturday in Marseille that “the police force[was] used only to confront the demonstrations” of “Yellow vests”, describing Emmanuel Macron as “flashball president”. Act 12 of the “Yellow Vests”, according to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, “is a reminder of human order, because the gap is widening between the one who leads and the common man”.

The LBD, a non-lethal weapon used more than 9,200 times since the beginning of the dispute, is accused of causing serious injuries, including those of Jérôme Rodrigues, one of the figures in the “yellow vests”, on Saturday, January 26.

According to the militant collective “Disarm Them”, 20 people have been seriously injured with their eyes since November 17. The Police Police Service (IGPN) has received 116 investigations from a police source, ten of which involved serious eye injuries. In total, the authorities reported more than 1,900 demonstrators injured and more than 1,200 law enforcement officers injured.

Seized as a matter of urgency, the Conseil d’État considered that the risk of violence in demonstrations made it “necessary to allow the police to use” the LBDs.


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