Afghanistan: details of the US helicopter operation to rescue Daech’s leaders

Afghan and Western sources published information two weeks ago about a US military operation against the Taliban and Daech in Afghanistan, but the information was ignored by the mainstream media.

In an article, the Tasnim news website examined this American operation to free Daech terrorists and their commanders imprisoned by the Taliban.

After heavy fighting between the Taliban and the daechists last June and July in the Darzab district of Djôzdjân province, the Taliban succeeded in killing a number of terrorists. Tasnim News reports a last-minute coup de théâtre: while everything was going on in favour of the Taliban, the Americans entered the scene to save the daechist leaders, killing the guards responsible for monitoring them in the process. U.S. Army fighters first bombed the Taliban headquarters and Afghan army helicopters then flew helicopters to the leaders of the terrorist group, according to the detailed Tasnim News report.

In addition, Russian Interior Minister Igor Zubov announced on January 28 that unidentified helicopters had deployed a large number of Daech members from Pakistan to the Afghanistan-Tajikistan border near Russia’s southern border.


Zubov added that it was highly likely that large-scale provocations would be prepared in the region in order to trigger a humanitarian crisis and destabilize the situation near Russia’s southern border.

In 2018, many reports reported that “unidentified helicopters” were evacuating Daech members to Syria and assisting members of this terrorist group in Afghanistan. A trend that seems to be very much in vogue today.

At the same time, Alexander Bortnikov, president of the FSB (Russian Federal Security Service), announced that in 2018, security forces repressed 37 terrorist cells in Russia.

The video published by Tasnim News shows the helicopters that came to rescue the daechist leaders and their families.

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