Algeria, a new battlefield between China and Russia vs. the USA?

The change of regime in Algeria is likely to lead to tragic events since an ordinary citizen often does not understand how he is instrumentalized without knowing it by foreign conspiracy plotters.

The Algerian website dzayerinfo published, on Tuesday, March 12, in its editorial, an article entitled “Will the Bouteflika regime know the fate of Gaddafi? Will Algeria become a scene of conflict between the USA and China? »

“Algerians have behaved very well so far, having strongly rejected any foreign interference in the crisis affecting their country. They know very well that you have to wash your dirty laundry with your family. However, even though Algerians are showing exemplary behaviour and despite their legitimate demands, will foreigners be able to easily stay out of the current crisis in Algeria?

In Algeria, some believe that the country is overly dependent on the United States and France, but the good news is that China’s influence has increased over the past 15 years in Algeria. Hence the deterioration of relations between Paris and Algiers. In September 2018, the Algerian government adopted a decision that was not taken seriously by Algerians; it decided to join China’s giant economic project known as the “Silk Road”, the decision that made Algiers a great economic ally of Beijing. Will such a development, in the midst of a trade war between China and the United States, be easily accepted by Washington?

Algeria: the

The second question that deserves careful consideration is: why are the attempts to overthrow the regimes in Venezuela, Sudan and Algeria simultaneous? Is it a simple accident or is it a more important scenario than a simple group of disappointed citizens wanting a regime change in their country?

Here, it is important to stress that all the demands of angry Algerian citizens are legitimate. However, another question arises here; who benefits most from the fall of the current Algerian state? The establishment of a democratic or semi-democratic state would certainly benefit the Algerian nation, but it would be Washington that would rub its hands in it. The latter will never accept that an African country, being above all the gateway from Africa to Europe, be exploited by the Chinese. That said, the current popular demonstrations, although they were launched to protest against corruption that has spread to all Algerian state agencies, will sooner or later be channelled by the White House, which wants a new Algerian state to be formed free from Russian and Chinese influence.

It should be recalled that one of the most important reasons for the fall of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in Libya was his efforts to reduce his country’s dependence on the dollar. If the Americans take action to overthrow the regime in Algeria, how will the China-Russia-Iran axis react? Will Algeria become a new Syria where the Chinese and Russians will be confronted by the Americans? »

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