“America is not capable of military action against Iran.”

An Iranian general declared that the US is not capable of creating an atmosphere in the world against Iran in order to take military action in the country.

“We believe that what is obvious is that the U.S. government neither wants nor can take military action against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Brigadier General Hosein Dehqan, Iran’s leader’s advisor on defense industry matters, said on Tuesday.

General Dehqan stressed that the U.S. does not have the capacity to create chaos in the region, not even can attack Iran’s military bases.

Referring to Monday’s statements by U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton regarding the shipment of U.S. aircraft carriers to the Middle East, Dehqan said such actions show the U.S. aggressive attitude toward Iran.

“Bolton’s statements discuss the movement of forces and facilities, showing that perhaps the Americans intend to wage war against Iran,” Dehqan said.

In the opinion of the Iranian general, “the American government headed by Donald Trump must prevent extremists like Bolton from taking control of all matters,” he said.

In addition, the Iranian leader’s adviser on defense industry matters said that closing the Ormuz Strait is not beyond the capacity of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“In the case of crude oil, if they want to create limitations or do not consider our benefits, surely we will use the Strait of Hormuz as an instrument to protect our interests,” the Iranian official added.

Authorities in the Persian country pointed out many times that the U.S. presence in Iran’s southern waters creates tensions in the area and has no justification under international law, as well as not being necessary.

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