Ansarallah’s leader promises a firm response to attempts to sabotage the Stockholm Agreement

Yemen’s Ansarallah leader Abdel Malek al-Houthi said that all avenues for implementing the Stockholm Agreement had been blocked, as enemies had fled from their commitments.

Al-Houthi implicitly warned on Monday 25 February that options would be put in place to respond to the coalition’s attempts to defeat the Stockholm agreement and resume military action.

“If they (the aggressors) return to military tension in Hudaydah, we have several options to address them, but I do not (now) want to talk about these options,” he said, adding: “We advise the United Arab Emirates not to resume the path of escalating military tensions.

He stated that the opposing party was trying to evade its obligations, in particular on the subject of the province of Taëz and the exchange of prisoners.

“We insist on our commitment to implement the agreement and the unilateral launch of the first phase,” said Yemeni movement leader Ansarallah.

He also stressed the following fact: “The enemy is increasing the level of tension at borders and on other fronts; we must therefore be vigilant and fully prepared”.

“Enemies seek to divide the different social strata by inciting them to religious and regional conflicts,” he said before concluding: “The Emiratis have tried to trigger inter-ethnic conflicts in the southern provinces of Yemen to occupy them. Our religious duty is to unite the word, strengthen stability and confront all machinations and perverse efforts against the Muslim community in Yemen.


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