Anti-American demonstrations all over Iran

All Iranian cities, including Tehran, Qom, Qazvin, Isfahan, Zanjan, Semnan, Ardabil, Hamadan, Yazd, Bouchehr, as well as the cities of Mazandaran, Gilan, Kurdistan, Lorestan, Kermanchah, Sistan and Balochistan, North Khorasan (north-east) provinces, South Khorasan, Khorasan Razavi, and Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari (centre) were the scene of popular demonstrations in support of the CGRI, whose name has been included by the United States on its list of terrorist organizations, this Friday after Friday’s prayer.

In the communiqué of these demonstrations it is written: “The CGRI was born of the Islamic Revolution. He comes from the people. This force, which is the result of the power of Islamic Iran, has had a brilliant existence for 40 years. She has been present on all stages. She has been involved in the fight against terrorism supported by the United States. It has proven its worth during the eight years of Sacred Defense.

The fear of the Israeli infanticide regime and Trump’s anger can be explained by the power of the IRGC and its influence in the region. Our strength considers it its religious and human mission to continue to support countries and peoples oppressed by hegemonic powers.

The IRMF warns the United States and the Israeli regime against their crimes committed in the Palestinian territories. This force recognizes the Palestinian territories, including Quds, and the Syrian Golan as an integral part of Muslim lands. Any action taken by Islam’s enemies in this regard is contrary to international law and doomed to failure. »


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