Army Day in Iran: Kowsar travels the sky

Four years of anti-Iranian sanctions by the United States could not affect the country’s defensive sector. In the meantime, the Iranians have relied on their capabilities and know-how to manufacture the Kowsar fighter aircraft.

“Fighter aircraft were used Tuesday for training at Mehrabad Airport in Tehran as part of preparations for the Army Day parade on April 18,” said General Hamid Vahedi, Deputy Commander of the Iranian Air Force.

The locally manufactured Kowsar and Saeqeh fighters flew for the first time on Iranian Army Day.

General Vahedi referred to the enemies’ sanctions against the country’s aviation industry and said: “Thank God, Iranian fighters will conduct air shows on April 18 to prove to the world that the sanctions have no effect on us. »

The fighter bombers Kowsar, MIG-29, Phantom F-4, Tiger F-5, Tomcat F-14, as well as the tanker aircraft 747 and 707 performed air shows.

Indeed, the demonstration of Kowsar is a sign of the failure of the sanctions regime imposed by Washington over the past four decades on the Iranian defence sector.

It should be noted that the Kowsar was unveiled last year. A few months later, Iran started mass production.


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