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Tal Rafat: Ankara continues its attacks in northern Syria

As part of Operation Euphrates Shield, Turkish troops launched an attack from Tel Rafat city against the People’s Protection Units (YPG), which Ankara considers terrorist, the Turkish Ministry of Defence announced in a statement issued on Saturday 18 May. The attack was launched from the town of Tal Rafat in the Aleppo Rif in northern […]

New US soldiers will settle in Kuwait

One week after the Pentagon’s announcement to deploy 120,000 American soldiers in the Middle East, which was denied by American President Donald Trump, Kuwait has just announced that it will host new GIs. The American military will move to Kuwait, a Kuwaiti newspaper announced. The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas wrote that simultaneously with the announcement of […]

Washington deceived its allies with a military parade near the Strait of Hormuz

The Persian Gulf region has gone through a turbulent week marked by several events of concern: the sending of the Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier and the incident in the port of Fujairah where damage was caused to four commercial vessels. Is a war about to break out? Who are the perpetrators of the acts of […]

France: the Yellow Vests mobilised one week before the European elections

Six months after the first mobilisation of the Yellow Vests in France, Act 27 of the protests was organised in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Reims and many other French cities. The demonstrators are particularly angry on Saturday, May 18, because the day before French President Emmanuel Macron announced that the Yellow Vest movement had “no political […]

US intelligence accuses Bolton in the Iranian case

Trump administration hawks have spent the past two weeks denouncing an increased threat from Iran. But US intelligence officials believe that Iran’s “aggressive measures” were taken in response to the provocative and even “very provocative acts of the US administration”. Three American government officials reported to the Daily Beast that the heads of several American […]

Pakistan: who is the target of the terrorist attack?

Against the backdrop of rising de-escalations between the United States and China, armed men stormed a luxury hotel in Gwadar, located in southern Pakistan’s southern Pakistan, on Saturday, May 11, where there is a deep-water port built by China, Balochistan provincial authorities said. Probably wearing explosive vests, about four armed men entered the luxury hotel […]

Anti-Iran sanctions: Ankara opposes Washington once again

The spokesman for the Justice and Development Party in Turkey (AKP) criticized the United States’ unilateral sanctions against Iran’s oil exports and said they were not helping to establish peace in the region, reports the Hürriyet newspaper in its Saturday, May 11 edition. “We affirm that such sanctions only punish people and that it is […]

Tel Aviv: Hamas has laser missiles of which we know nothing

Senior Israeli security officials have claimed that Hamas has thousands of laser-guided missiles, reports Raï al-Youm. “Hamas has thousands of laser-guided missiles about which we have little information,” said these senior Israeli authorities. “During the 2014 war, Hamas used laser-guided anti-tank missiles. At the time, this movement had only a small number of them, but […]