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U.S. Sanctions Obstruct Venezuelans’ Access to Food

U.S. sanctions on naval transport obstruct Venezuelans’ access to essential food, says a Caracas government official. In an interview with a local private channel, the national head of Venezuela’s Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP), Freddy Bernal, explained that U.S. measures have affected the daily lives of all Venezuelans. The U.S. “sanctioned 10 of the […]

Congressman asks Trump to stop his “dangerous game” against Iran

The chairman of the Intelligence Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives calls on Trump to stop the dangerous game of escalating tensions with Iran. In an interview with CBS on Sunday, Adam Schiff, a senior representative of the U.S. House of Representatives (Lower House of Congress), denounced that President Donald Trump has taken a […]

27th Saturdays mobilization of yellow vests in France

The French yellow vests have been demonstrating against Emmanuel Macron’s government for 27 consecutive weeks. It has been 6 months of mobilizations and more than 47 000 demonstrations all over the country, according to the Ministry of the Interior. Demonstrations that have shaken the order established by a government that does not want to listen […]

Iraq denounces Washington’s decision to evacuate part of the US Embassy staff

Iraq has reacted to the United States’ decision to evacuate some of its embassy staff in Baghdad. On Wednesday, May 15, the U.S. State Department issued a statement ordering its non-essential diplomatic staff to leave the Baghdad Embassy and Consulate in Erbil. A few hours later, the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad supported the U.S. State […]

Demonstration at the Israeli consulate in Istanbul

On Nakba Day, the city of Istanbul (Turkey) has joined the celebrations of the 71st anniversary. The city of Istanbul hosts several events, including a rally outside the Israeli consulate, where a manifesto condemning the events of 1948 has been read and which millions of Palestinians still suffer today. The acts of repulse to the […]

Yemeni forces attack Saudi Arabian installations with drones

Yemeni forces have launched a massive military operation against Saudi Arabian installations. The forces of the popular movement Ansarollah (Hutis), fighting in Yemen against the government of Abdo Rabbu Mansur Hadi, have launched a series of drone attacks against Saudi Arabian facilities, according to Masirah TV, quoted by Europa Press. The channel Masirah TV has […]