Bayern Munich, Niko Kovac: “We are the hunters”

Bayern Munich, who won Hoffenheim this Friday (3-1), attacked the second half of the season in the best possible way with a win. Second in the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich must absolutely achieve a series of victories and at the same time hope that Borussia Dortmund will experience a – slight – blow less well during the second half of the season to make up the six points deficit.
Used to being at the top of the league and being chased away, the Bavarians will experience a completely different course this season. They are not in control of their destiny but they will continue to put pressure on Borussia Dortmund, game after game. After the match, Nko Kovac admitted that the Munich team is now in a hunter’s role and is happy to temporarily come within three points of the leader.
Motivated Goretzka and Kovac
“The first period was sensational. That was our ambition, that’s what we are able to do. The result is good, we started the second half of the season well and we increased the pressure. We are the hunters, we want to hunt Borussia Dortmund. We want to hunt and win the title. What is decisive is to be at the top at the end of the season,” said Niko Kovac.
Leon Goretzka, who scored twice against Hoffenheim, was pleased with the team’s performance: “Overall, we fought well. It was a great performance in the first half. We were in control and took the lead at the right time.  The second half was a bit hectic, but the game would have been over if we had killed him before. In this way, Hoffenheim bounced back, we had to give it all away.
The German midfielder from Bayern Munich appeared on the same wavelength as his coach and came up to chase Dortmund: “We wanted to start the second half of the season well, and it was important to achieve a good result. Our goal is to win the title of champion. We were six points behind after the first half of the season. We are the hunters now”

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