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Couple: what is the age that women and men prefer for their partners?

A study by the Institut national d’études démographiques, carried out using data from the website, shows what age preferences women and men have for their spouses. Preferences that vary according to age. As a general rule, among heterosexual couples the man is older than the woman: 1.9 years for couples formed via a dating […]

Caffeine and pregnancy: tea could also harm the fetus

According to a researcher at an Irish university, pregnant women should be careful not to drink too much tea, as it also contains caffeine, which is harmful to the development of the fetus. While reducing or even eliminating coffee is a known precaution for many pregnant women, tea consumption is generally less controlled. Yet, as […]

Married couples have a better physical capacity

Researchers have investigated why married people tend to live longer and have found that older couples are generally in better physical shape than single people, giving them more autonomy. What if marriage is a life expectancy factor that is far too underestimated? A study conducted by researchers at University College London and published in PLOS […]

Quitting smoking: electronic cigarettes would do better than substitutes

According to a new British study, the use of electronic cigarettes is almost twice as effective as nicotine substitutes in stopping smoking. Researchers encourage smokers who want to quit to try all available withdrawal options. According to the results of a British clinical trial conducted by Queen Mary University in London, electronic cigarettes are almost […]

Lack of sleep encourages junk food and junk food makes you depressed….

When we are deprived of sleep, we tend to eat more. And even more inclined, according to German researchers, to give in to the temptation of junk food. This is detrimental to our physical health. But also to our mental health. Indeed, British researchers are now making the link between junk food and depression. Lack […]

A link established between REM sleep disorders and mental disorders

A recent study suggests that REM sleep behaviour disorder (REMSD) – highly agitated recurrent sleep – may be linked to certain psychological conditions. During REM sleep, the brain normally sends signals to the muscles to prevent them from moving. In people with REM sleep behaviour disorders (HSDD), these signals are disrupted. The latter can then […]

These bacteria protect you from the flu

Influenza remains a major cause of death worldwide. And the effectiveness of vaccination campaigns is not optimal. So researchers are looking at other ways to protect us by doping the microbiota in our airways. The flu is contagious. It spreads quickly from person to person through contaminated microdroplets that we release into the air when […]

Cancer: degradable polymers for drug delivery

Researchers at the Institut Galien Paris-Sud have tested in vitro degradable polymers that could release drugs to cancer cells. This work makes it possible to imagine new vectors for cancer treatments. During chemotherapy, cancer treatments are often injected intravenously into the bloodstream. They can therefore spread throughout the body. To improve the targeting of drug […]