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Israel-Saudi normalisation: An Israeli delegation to visit Saudi Arabia

The Secretary General of the so-called World Islamic League (WIL), Mohamed Ibn Abdelkarim al-Issa, has officially invited an Israeli delegation to Saudi Arabia to discuss the Holocaust. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced the visit of an Israeli delegation to Saudi Arabia next year. Posting a video on its Twitter page, the Israeli […]

UN calls on Israel to ‘stop’ demolitions of Palestinian homes

The United Nations (UN) says the Israeli regime must end the demolition of Palestinian homes in East Al-Quds (Jerusalem). “Demolitions in the east of Al-Quds have increased at an astonishing rate over the past month, leaving dozens of displaced Palestinians and others who lost their livelihoods overnight. This must stop,” the UN’s Office for the […]

U.S. Sanctions Undermine Countries Dependent on Iranian Crude Oil

Catar believes that U.S. sanctions against Iranian oil exports will have a negative impact on oil-dependent countries. Qatar’s Foreign Minister Muhamad bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said Wednesday that Washington’s decision to block Iranian crude oil exports has not been prudent. Al Thani commented that restrictive measures against Tehran should not be extended because they have […]

UN experts call on Israel to halt the expulsion of the Human Rights Watch representative

Israel has cancelled Omar Shakir’s work permit by claiming that it has supported BDS. UN experts say the decision appears to have “nothing to do with illegal behaviour”. UN experts in the fields of human rights and freedom of expression have criticized Israel for cancelling the work permit of Omar Shakir, Director of Human Rights […]

World condemns mass execution of 37 Saudi dissidents

The execution of 37 Saudi dissidents by the Saud regime has led to a barrage of rejection and condemnation worldwide. Human rights groups such as Human Rights Watch (HRW) repeatedly denounce the execution of 37 citizens on 23 April by order of the Saudi regime. Most were Shiite activists, accusing them of “terrorism. “Mass executions […]

Syria: US Coalition has killed more than 1600 civilians in Raqqa

The US-led military coalition must emerge from two years of denial over the heavy civilian casualties and massive destruction it has caused in the Syrian city of Raqqa, Amnesty International and Airwars said on 25 April 2019, as they launched a new offensive data collection project aimed at expelling the armed group calling itself the […]

Leaked documents implicate the French government in war crimes committed in Yemen

Disclose, an independent investigative website, published a devastating article on 15 April revealing France’s role in the war crimes perpetrated by the Saudi coalition in Yemen. The latter massacred thousands of civilians in operations using weapons supplied by France, Great Britain, the United States and other countries. But French officials continued to deny it in […]

“Space for dissent has shrunk in Israel,” says HRW director

“The space for dissenting and defending human rights has shrunk in Israel,” says Human Rights Watch (HRW) regional director Omar Shakir, as he tries to prevent his imminent deportation on charges of boycotting the country. Shakir says in an interview with Efe that he continues to work normally while waiting for Israel’s Supreme Court to […]

European Union questions the fairness of trials in Saudi Arabia

The European Union (EU) indicates that mass executions, such as the last one committed on Saudi soil against 37 people, cast doubt on the fairness of the trials. In a statement on Wednesday, the European bloc deplored the execution by the Riyadh regime on Tuesday of 37 Saudi citizens, mostly Shiite activists, on charges of […]

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia kills thirty-seven of its citizens

Saudi Arabia killed 37 of its citizens convicted of “terrorism” on Tuesday, a rare mass execution in the kingdom that occurred three years after dozens of people precipitated the breakdown of relations with Iran. Tuesday’s executions took place in six regions: the capital Riyadh, the holy cities of Mecca and Madinah, the Sunni region of […]