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There Was a Class War…The Rich Won. And thanks to Bush, Obama, Bernanke and Geithner both bailing the banks and financial criminals out and immunizing them from their crimes, that victory has accelerated

Many years ago now, I wrote a post called “There Was a Class War and the Rich Won.” Ironically, after the financial meltdown of 07/8, and thanks to Bush, Obama, Bernanke, and Geithner both bailing the rich out and immunizing them from their crimes, that victory has accelerated. This chart, from Harvard, tells the story of […]

Unrestrained global capitalism is overwhelming nature and governements. Extreme inequality, climate change and instability are rising everywhere

The crisis of democracy In 2014, a Princeton University study quantified just how badly US democracy is broken. Using a database of 1,779 policy issues, the study found that when a majority of Americans disagree with “economic elites” or “organised interests”, they “generally lose.” The authors noted that when average citizens and affluent classes want the same […]

The United States has spent 222 of its 243 years of existence in war.

The USA, a country created in 1776, has spent 93 % of its existence, i.e. 222 years, involved in wars and conflicts in different countries of the world. Despite its long history of war crimes, crimes against humanity and human rights violations, Washington does not hesitate to include others on its terrorist list, as it […]

Trump’s terrorist designation of Iran’s IRGC: Neither human rights nor fighting against terrorism have been the real concern of the US.

For American foreign policy, hypocrisy can be considered as avirtue. To see why, consider the debate surrounding Trump’s terrorist designation of Iran’s IRGC. Wile the Saudi regime has routinely violated human rights — barring Jews, prohibiting free religious practice of Christians, permitting slavery, subjugating women, persecuting journalists, arresting clerics and princes, and locking up feminists for “treason, […]

Israeli Experts: Trump Announcement Won’t Change Anything About Golan

Several Israeli experts on international law question the annexation of the Golan Heights to the Tel Aviv regime, as the United States has acknowledged. On March 25, U.S. President Donald Trump recognized the supposed “sovereignty of Israel” over the occupied Golan Heights, another step in his unconditional support for the Tel Aviv regime that generated […]

‘America cares more about its military contracts than human lives.’

A senior Yemeni official denounces the U.S. for attaching more importance to its military contracts than to the human lives destroyed by the weapons it sells. The president of the Yemeni Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Muhamad Ali al-Houthi, said Saturday that the White House’s decision to continue supplying weapons to Saudi Arabia and the countries that […]

Report: U.S. invaded Iraq knowing it was going to create chaos

Several U.S. diplomats warned in 2002 that an invasion of Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein’s regime would lead the Arab country into internal chaos. A recently declassified document brings to light alerts from three veteran diplomats to then-Secretary of State Colin Powell (2001-2005) about the implications of a U.S. invasion of Iraq, as proposed by […]