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Aboukamal/Qaem: Syrian reinforcements arrive on the Resistance corridor

Since the strategic meeting between the Chiefs of Staff of the three countries in February, Iran, Syria and Iraq have been working intensively to open two strategic crossing points, Abukamal and Qaem, to restore the Resistance corridor. The latter is supposed to connect Iranian soil to the Mediterranean via Iraqi territory. On the Iraqi side, […]

Army Day in Iran: Kowsar travels the sky

Four years of anti-Iranian sanctions by the United States could not affect the country’s defensive sector. In the meantime, the Iranians have relied on their capabilities and know-how to manufacture the Kowsar fighter aircraft. “Fighter aircraft were used Tuesday for training at Mehrabad Airport in Tehran as part of preparations for the Army Day parade […]

The Russian S-400s will have to protect Ankara and Istanbul. But against what?

The Turkish Minister of Defence defended again on Tuesday Ankara’s decision to acquire Russian S-400 missiles, which caused his country to face American threats but also a suspension of the delivery of the F-35s. In doing so, the Minister stated that the S-400 missile batteries will probably be used to defend Ankara and Istanbul. But […]

EU warns Israel: Borders cannot be changed by military force

The European Union points out that it does not recognise Israel’s sovereignty over any territory that the regime has occupied since 1967, following the Six Day War. “The manu militari borders cannot be changed (by military force). This is a dangerous idea. International norms must be respected”, said Federica Mogherini, head of European Union (EU) […]

PGAC: Paris tries to redeem itself after the controversial tweets of its ambassador

After the very controversial tweets of the French ambassador to the United States concerning the PGAC, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement to say to anyone who would listen to it: “Oh how much, he is attached to Iran and the 5+1 agreement”. In response to a question about the tweets of […]

The Leader receives the teachers, narrators and memorizers of the Koran

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution granted an audience on Monday, April 15, to teachers, reciters and memorizers of the Koran, participating in the 36th edition of the international competitions for recitation and memorization of the Koran, in Tehran. “The Koran is the book that brings happiness to mankind in the world below and in […]

The Russian Black Sea Fleet intercepted an American destroyer

The Black Sea Fleet has intercepted an American destroyer, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced today, Monday. According to the Sputnik news agency, the US Navy in Europe stated in a statement that the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln and his escort group were sailing towards the US Navy’s sixth fleet. The sixth fleet of […]

Why did Israel cancel its delegation’s visit to Manama?

An Israeli delegation scheduled to attend an international economic conference in Bahrain this week cancelled its trip to Manama for security reasons, the organizers announced Sunday, after Bahrainis had led a major campaign against the visit. A spokesperson for the Israeli Ministry of Economy said that the delegation should be headed by the Israeli Minister […]