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Anti-Iran sanctions: Ankara opposes Washington once again

The spokesman for the Justice and Development Party in Turkey (AKP) criticized the United States’ unilateral sanctions against Iran’s oil exports and said they were not helping to establish peace in the region, reports the Hürriyet newspaper in its Saturday, May 11 edition. “We affirm that such sanctions only punish people and that it is […]

Tel Aviv: Hamas has laser missiles of which we know nothing

Senior Israeli security officials have claimed that Hamas has thousands of laser-guided missiles, reports Raï al-Youm. “Hamas has thousands of laser-guided missiles about which we have little information,” said these senior Israeli authorities. “During the 2014 war, Hamas used laser-guided anti-tank missiles. At the time, this movement had only a small number of them, but […]

Belgian Chancellor calls for an end to arms sales from his country to Riyadh

The Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs says that Brussels intends to stop the sale of arms for the aggression against Yemen by Saudi Arabia and its allies. “We need to move towards suspending any exports (of arms to Saudi Arabia). Now there is clear evidence that Belgian weapons are being used in the conflict,” Didier […]

Occupied Al-Quds: Intense clashes between Palestinians and Israeli military

Six Palestinians were injured in clashes with the Israeli military in Quds. The Israeli military continues to attack Palestinian civilians. On the morning of Friday, May 10, a group of Israeli soldiers stormed various locations in Quds. These attacks ignited the fuse of intense clashes between Palestinians and Israelis, resulting in the wounding of six […]

Iraq, Salahuddine: vast Hachd operation against Daech

In the midst of clashes between Iraqi forces and Daech, some political currents in the Iraqi parliament have reported a new American plot to overthrow Adel Abdel Mahdi’s government. Iraqi army forces, supported by fighters from the Popular Mobilization Committee (Hachd al-Chaabi), recently conducted a major military operation against the residues of the Daech terrorist […]

Europe rejects Iran’s ultimatum and paves the way for Iranian withdrawal from the agreement

Europe decides to say “no” to Tehran, which has given two months to three European countries that signed the Iranian nuclear agreement of 2015 to fully fulfil their commitments to the agreement and to set in motion the barter mechanism called Instex (Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges), set up by Paris, Berlin and London […]

Deal of the century: all the responsibility lies with the Arab States (expert)

“Without wishing to discuss the merits of the “Deal of the Century” clauses, it must be admitted that no one will be able to implement a project with such content,” said Hassan Hanizadeh, Iranian expert on Middle East affairs, in an interview with the ILNA agency. Hanizadeh believes that “the Israeli press claims to have […]

Why is Israel trying to start a US/Iran war?

On Sunday, John Bolton, the U.S. President’s national security adviser, announced that the United States would send an aircraft carrier and bombers to the Persian Gulf in response to Iran’s “disturbing and escalating warnings” – a striking decision that raised fears of a possible military confrontation with Tehran. John Bolton does not explain why this […]

The United States surrounded at both al-Tanf and Al-Anbar

For nearly two weeks the Syrian army and Iraqi forces have been working to secure the Syrian-Iraqi borders. In two weeks of operations to secure the strategic road linking Iraq to Syria, dozens of Daech terrorist lairs were discovered and dismantled. But that is not all: the Iraqi armed forces are deploying widely to counter […]

Should the US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf surprise us?

According to the editorialist of the London Arabic-language newspaper Rai al-Youm, the comments of US National Security Advisor John Bolton about the sending of the USS Abraham Lincoln to the Middle East are intended to mask the failure of the US plot to reduce Iran’s oil exports via the Strait of Hormuz to zero. In […]