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Who owns Badr-3, the missile that turned Ashkelon upside down?

When Nasrallah said last Thursday that an Israeli war against Lebanon almost made him laugh, sources near Riyadh and Tel Aviv accused him of underestimating “the power of Israel”. The 48 hours preceding Israel’s new surrender on Monday, May 6 at 4.30 am sharp in the face of the Resistance, proved Hezbollah’s Secretary General right. […]

Tel Aviv fears that the Syrian Golan will become a second South Lebanon

The Israeli regime has not yet been able to do in Lebanon what it has done in Syria. Although it has intensified its military aggressions against the country, in recent years it has always faced the Resistance’s ability to deter. Israeli leaders make no secret of their fear that the deterrent force of Lebanese Hizbollah […]

Three American spy planes have been detected over the Russian border

The Russian aerial observation centre reported the overflight by American spy planes of Russia’s southern and western borders. A United States Air Force Boeing RC-135V (large spy plane, deployed at the US military base in the United Kingdom) was observed at around 12 noon Moscow time, near the Kaliningrad border in the Baltic Sea. It […]

The Resistance will exist as long as there is occupation (Islamic Jihad)

Warning Israel against any further aggression or attempt to assassinate leaders and commanders of the Resistance, the Secretary General of Islamic Jihad said that his movement would respond to any terrorist act of the Israeli regime without taking into account the red lines or signed agreements. The Secretary General of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Ziad Nakhala, […]

Yemen: Saudi mercenaries go from defeat to defeat

The ballistic unit of the Yemeni army and Ansarallah fired several Zelzal-1-type missiles on Thursday, May 2, at the Saudi army’s positions at the al-Alab crossing point in the Saudi province of Assir. In addition, Yemeni missile units targeted with Zelzal-1 missiles the meeting place of Saudi military in Harad district, Hajjah governorate, Al-Alam reported. […]

USA: 64 shootings resulted in 59 deaths and injuries in 24 hours

The National Crime Information Center (NCIC) reports at least 17 deaths and 42 injuries as a result of 64 shootings that occurred over a 24-hour period from Tuesday to Wednesday in several American cities. Nevertheless, the American President continues to advocate for the free movement of firearms. Following the shooting in a residence in the […]

What are the reasons for the reappearance of the Daech leader after five years?

The takfirist terrorist group in Daech has released a propaganda video supposed to show its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, for the first time in five years. Following the reappearance of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Monday for the first time in five years, analysts said that the video broadcast by Daech in which the leader of […]