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Police in Paris Attack Demonstrators on Workers’ Day

Thousands of ‘yellow vests’ have returned to the streets of Paris, the French capital, in a protest action on the occasion of International Workers’ Day. The members of the unions and the retired and student movements, among other sectors, accompany the protest organised in Paris, however, the media report on the clashes between the security […]

Syrian and Russian Chiefs of Staff call for US military to leave

According to the al-Mayadeen news channel, the Russian and Syrian armies have called on the United States to withdraw their troops from Syria, troops that “only support terrorists in Syria”. The Chiefs of Defence of Syria and Russia have also requested permission from the relevant Syrian officials, the United Nations and the Red Crescent to […]

“At least save your dignity,” Ansarallah told Sudanese forces

The Yemeni Ansarallah movement calls on the Sudanese army to withdraw its forces from the Saudi coalition, “at least in order to preserve the dignity of Sudan”. The Ansarallah movement has called on the Sudanese revolutionary people to put pressure on the Sudanese army to withdraw its forces from the war coalition against Yemen. According […]

Lebanon: Israeli warplanes flew over the Cheeba Farms for the second time in 2 days!

For the second time in two days, an Israeli Air Force spy drone violated Syrian-Lebanese airspace over the Shab’a farms. This has led the Syrian Air Defence Forces to increase their level of security, al-Masdar News reported. In addition to this drone, Israeli fighter aircraft have also been seen flying at low altitude over the […]

Syrian forces continue their operations against terrorists in Hamah and Idlib

Syrian army units positioned in the northern Rif of Hamah reacted to the violation by Font al-Nosra terrorists of the agreement on the creation of de-escalation zones, announced the Syrian news agency SANA. According to the report, the Syrian army’s artillery and ballistic unit destroyed several missile launch pads and mortars around Hassaraya and Kafr […]

Terrorists hit the Syrian army in Lattakia, Russians retaliate

The ink on the final declaration of the 12th meeting on Syria in the Kazakh capital has not yet dried that pro-Turkish terrorists are already attacking the positions of the government army in Lattakia. The Russians did not remain indifferent, their helicopters hitting the terrorists’ lairs in Hamah province. In early April, some media sources […]

Iran has reacted to developments in Sudan

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry reacted to recent developments in Sudan. The Islamic Republic of Iran is closely following the protests in Sudan. Tehran emphasizes the need to access the legitimate demands of the people. “We emphasize the need to stop the violence and warn against foreign interference,” said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman […]