CGRI: “We will give unforgettable lessons to the enemy”

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in a statement thanked the revolutionary positions and strong support from both Iran and abroad, which “discredits the adventurism of the American government”.

In the statement issued on Wednesday, the U.S. administration’s decision to blacklist the IRGC was seen as a further regional defeat for the White House that reinforces Iran’s commitment to develop the defensive and offensive capabilities of its armed forces and consolidate its position in the region.

“By including the CGRI’s name in the list of terrorist organizations, the U.S. regime has taken another unprecedented step that is contrary to international standards, reflecting Washington’s deep-seated resentment and fury against this revolutionary institution and the people who support it,” the CGRI statement states.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps thanked in particular the support of the residents of the three executive, legislative and judicial branches of Iran, the Council for Discernment of the Good of the Islamic Order, deputies from all parts of Parliament, theological schools, ulemas, armed forces, political parties, the media, as well as movements and organizations of the Resistance axis and friends of the Islamic Republic around the world, stressing that their support had “brought the adventurism of the American government into disrepute”.

The IRGC will not hesitate to continue its mission of defending the ideals of the Islamic Revolution, making the enemy regret its schemes and giving him “unforgettable lessons” by using, if necessary, the “retaliation strategy”, the statement added.


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