Couple: what is the age that women and men prefer for their partners?

A study by the Institut national d’études démographiques, carried out using data from the website, shows what age preferences women and men have for their spouses. Preferences that vary according to age.

As a general rule, among heterosexual couples the man is older than the woman: 1.9 years for couples formed via a dating site and 2.3 years in the general average. While four out of five men would accept a woman over the age of 5 or more, only 53% of women see themselves with a younger man, especially among young women aged 26 to 30, where the rate drops to 33%.

Differences of more than 10 years
The study, carried out using data from users, covered more than 400,000 user profiles. It shows that there is a significant gap in the age of their potential partners compared to the actual age gap of couples. Thus, men report an average interval of 13.8 years between minimum and maximum age, and women an interval of 10.9 years.

Younger people are more restrictive
Young people have more restrictive preferences, although men contact both younger and older women. But as they get older, they prefer younger women!

Young women, on the other hand, contact older men, while after the age of 40 they also connect with younger men.

“Compromised meetings”
The study shows that, ultimately, the age gap between spouses is a compromise: the age difference between the desires of women and men. But the compromise is closer to male preferences than to female ones.

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