“Deadly silence”: Syria criticizes Israel’s impunity in a letter to the UN

Syria reacted to Israeli air strikes against Syria, stating in its letters to the United Nations that Tel Aviv was doing so in the context of the Security Council’s silence and with the assistance of the United States.
Following Israeli strikes on Syrian territory on Sunday night, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this Arab country sent letters to the United Nations. In the latter, he points out that such raids are only possible thanks to the support of the United States and the “deadly silence” of the UN Security Council.
“This treacherous aggression is part of Israel’s attempts to perpetuate the crisis and war against terrorists in Syria and to raise morale among the remains of terrorist groups like its agents,” he said.
He added that Israel was thus fleeing the settlement of its internal problems.
Syrian diplomacy stresses that such attacks are only possible thanks to the “unlimited support of the American administration” and to the “immunity from interrogation provided to Israel by several UN Security Council member countries”.
“The deadly silence that these countries have instituted in the Security Council prevents the Council from exercising its role in preventing these criminal attacks,” he further explained.
And to demand that the UN take immediate measures to prevent further IDF raids.
The Russian National Defence Management Centre announced that, during the night of Sunday to Monday, the Israeli Air Force carried out three air strikes against Syrian territory from the west, south-west and south. By repelling the attack, the Syrian DCA destroyed more than 30 cruise missiles and guided air bombs. The Centre also announced that four Syrian soldiers had been killed and six others wounded during the raid.
Syria has not experienced raids of a similar scale since last May.

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