Deal of the century: all the responsibility lies with the Arab States (expert)

“Without wishing to discuss the merits of the “Deal of the Century” clauses, it must be admitted that no one will be able to implement a project with such content,” said Hassan Hanizadeh, Iranian expert on Middle East affairs, in an interview with the ILNA agency.

Hanizadeh believes that “the Israeli press claims to have had access to documents relating to the details of the “Deal of the Century” project proposed by US President Donald Trump. We know nothing about the authenticity of these documents, but in the current context, if the Israeli press revelations are correct, it must be assumed that even Israel’s closest allies will not be able to really insist on the application of such a project in the Middle East.

Some Western diplomatic sources say that President Mahmoud Abbas’ autonomous authority will be able to accept this plan, but according to Hassan Hanizadeh, the Palestinian side would not have the possibility to comply with this process orchestrated by Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed ben Salmane.

According to the preliminary agreements referred to in the Israeli press, the Israeli inhabitants of eastern Quds will be transferred to the western part of the city and Abu Dis, a small town east of Quds, would become the capital of the Palestinian State.

According to Hassan Hanizadeh, it is clear that the Israeli regime is seeking to demilitarize the future Palestinian state whose sovereignty would be restricted. It would control most of the West Bank and border crossing points.

Gaza will be part of the new Palestinian state provided that Hamas lays down its weapons. No article mentions the right of repatriation of Palestinian refugees.

The Iranian expert believes that there is something wrong with the information published in the Israeli press about the content of the “Deal of the Century”: “All the clauses are favourable to Israel. If this is true, it is not a peace plan but a plan to genocide the Palestinians,” he said.

Referring to Saudi Arabia’s role in the development of the “Deal of the Century”, Hanizadeh recalled that Riyadh had pledged to provide $10 billion in annual financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority on condition that it accepted the American plan.

Hassan Hanizadeh added: “This sum would be cruelly insufficient to manage the affairs of the future Palestinian State. In addition, all the clauses of the “Deal of the Century”, as described in the Israeli press, would mean that Palestinians must pay the Israeli authorities and institutions for every opportunity. This means that this agreement will violate Palestinian rights as before. Its implementation would be a disaster for the Palestinians. »

According to Israeli revelations, the United States would commit to providing 20% of the funding for this project, Europe 10% and the Arab States 70%. According to Hassan Hanizadeh, this would mean that all political, financial, security and regional responsibilities would fall to the Arab countries of the southern Persian Gulf.

Jordan will oppose the “Deal of the Century”, he said, but Egypt will support it. “I believe that very soon we will witness a new wave of tensions in the occupied Palestinian territories, while Netanyahu prefers that the project be implemented in a calm environment,” he added.


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