Death of the Assistant Chief of Staff of the Pro-Hadi Army

The deputy chief of staff of the Yemeni pro-Hadi army died of his injuries.

Wounded on 10 January by an attack on Ansarallah’s drone, Yemen’s Deputy Chief of Staff of the Pro-Hadi Army, Saleh al-Zandani, died on Sunday 3 February in a hospital in the United Arab Emirates.

Saleh al-Zandani and other senior commanders of Yemen’s pro-Hadi army were wounded on 10 January by a drone attack in Ansarallah against the al-Anad military base, located 60 kilometres north of Aden in Lahij province.

The devastating drone attack, led by a Qassef-2k, targeted a parade of pro-Hadi militiamen. About ten militiamen, including high-ranking commanders, were killed and about 30 others wounded.

Mohammed Saleh Tamah, head of intelligence for the resigning Yemeni government, was also wounded in Ansarallah’s drone attack in retaliation for the Saudi coalition’s incessant air strikes on the Yemeni civilian population.

The Saudi coalition continues its unabated attacks

In addition, the Saudi coalition has continued its relentless attacks on the three provinces of Hudaydah, Saada and Hajjah over the past 24 hours.

In the Tuhayta district of Hudaydah province, pro-Saudi mercenaries attacked a farm. A farmer was killed and the farm was severely damaged. In Durayhimi, also in Hudaydah province, pro-Saudi mercenary artillery targeted two civilian neighbourhoods, injuring a Yemeni child. Other areas of the region have been targeted by rockets, mortar shells and guns of pro-Saudi mercenaries.

Eastern Hudaydah was also bombed by Saudi coalition fighters.

The Kushar district, located in Hajjah province, was also bombed by Saudi coalition fighter planes.

On the other hand, the Baqem district in northern Sa’ada province has been the target of seven Saudi coalition air strikes. The homes and farms of Yemeni citizens were badly damaged.

In response to these attacks, Ansarallah fired four Zelzal-1 missiles and a number of mortar shells towards Saudi army positions in Jizan.

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