Demonstration at the Israeli consulate in Istanbul

On Nakba Day, the city of Istanbul (Turkey) has joined the celebrations of the 71st anniversary.

The city of Istanbul hosts several events, including a rally outside the Israeli consulate, where a manifesto condemning the events of 1948 has been read and which millions of Palestinians still suffer today.

The acts of repulse to the attacks of the regime of Israel have been today, day of the Nakba, constant in many countries of the world. In the city of Istanbul, Turkey, a protest has been called at the gates of the Israeli consulate to commemorate the beginning of an invasion that continues to claim human lives.

This demonstration is not an isolated event in Turkey. The same president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has repeatedly spoken out for the Palestinians and condemned the occupation of the Israeli regime. Even so, the demonstrators who gathered outside the consular building today have called for a condemnation that translates into action and not just words.

Certainly, at the political level, Erdogan raises his voice. But as far as economic relations are concerned, the Israeli regime is one of the largest customers for Turkish exports with a significant turnover. In 2017 it represented one of the 10 largest markets for its economy.

Meanwhile, part of the Palestinian diaspora in the Eurasian country continues to dream of stepping foot on their land again.

From Turkey, a country that has firmly raised its voice in favour of Palestine, the Nakba is commemorated with some reproach towards the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. While the Turkish head of state strongly condemns the actions of the Israeli regime, it continues to maintain important commercial ties today.

Albert Naya, Istanbul.

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