E-Press of February 20, 2019

In summary:

1- The desecration of the Jewish cemetery in France: another one of Macron’s dramatic moments!

The Israeli Minister of Immigration called on Jews residing in France to emigrate to Israel: “I strongly condemn anti-Semitism in France and call on Jews: go home, immigrate to Israel”, Yoav Gallant, Israeli Minister of Immigration, reacted on Twitter on February 19.

He made this statement after the announcement of the desecration of about 80 graves in a Jewish cemetery in Quatzenheim, Alsace.

In the aftermath, Emmanuel Macron promised “acts” and “laws” to “punish” while accusing the French in general and yellow vests in particular of anti-Semitism.

Behind the scenes, some claim that the desecration may well have been the work of the powerful pro-Israeli LDJ militia, which thus came to Macron’s rescue and tried to help him stop the popular revolt.

In short, Zionists from all over the world are mobilized to nip the French people’s anti-liberal revolt in the bud.

With Paris Match

2- Nice Carnival: Smile, Israel is watching you!

This time, it’s the right one, it’s an information that will radically change, for better and for worse, the daily life of the French: with the authorization of the National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties of the city of Nice, the city will carry out facial recognition surveillance tests.

Nice is thus becoming a pioneer in terms of security, but also in terms of spying on civilians: As Le Point pointed out, the city will be testing the facial recognition software for two days on 19 and 20 February at the Nice Carnival, whose 135th edition began on Saturday, Christian Estrosi said at a press conference.

The mayor of the city stressed that this was a “first in France” on the public highway: obviously the choice of the city as a flagship project was not made at random, given that the Israeli defence supplier Elbit Systems Ltd won a contract worth 68 million dollars to monitor a large part of Europe’s coast.

Many high-ranking officials from the city of Nice recently visited Israel to meet and sign agreements with leading security firms.

The reason? Protect, with proven methods, the city’s major events, including the Nice Carnival. Nice representatives have visited Tel Aviv airport more than once to learn from the measures to be taken to counter terrorist threats.

According to the website www.agencemediapalestine.fr, Israel has emerged as a leading exporter of civilian espionage tools used around the world.

With RTL and an Israeli media

3-Syria: the US trap set for France?

Will Macronia fall into the trap set by the Americans? Will the United States abandon the Kurdish card or will it use it to trap its European allies?

“The United States forbids its allies to invest” in the reconstruction of territories under Syrian government control, but encourages investment in areas east of the Euphrates in order to create a kind of state, the Russian foreign minister said on Tuesday 19 February.

Indeed, as Lavrov points out, the United States is seeking to establish a “quasi-state” east of the Euphrates and is already investing resources to this end.

Their objective, and this is becoming more and more obvious, is to divide Syria and create a quasi-state on the eastern shore. They are already investing their resources in it and in particular they are forcing their allies to pay for the development of this part of Syria”.

It is in this same context that the Americans have just asked their European allies to remain in Syria, even if the triggers of the war would leave Syrian soil.

In short, the Americans intend to push their NATO allies to do the dirty work and face the Syrian army and its allies in northern and eastern Syria and suffer the consequences.

This picture is far from promising for a France whose intelligence headquarters has just exploded in Raqqa in northern Syria. But do France, Great Britain and the other allies of the United States really have the choice not to follow Uncle SAM?

Will Europeans and Kurds fall into the US trap once again? On Monday evening, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad made it clear to the pro-American Kurds that in the midst of the war, with or without Washington, the Kurds had no alternative but to stand alongside the other Syrians again, although they are firing every possible weapon to persuade the Americans not to interrupt their support for the Turks on the one hand and the legitimate Damascus government on the other.

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