E-Press of February 24, 2019

In summary:

1. How the USA wants to trap Europe

“I am not backing out,” President Trump said after the announcement that 200 out of 2,000 American soldiers would be kept in northeastern Syria “for a certain period of time.

In reality, the main purpose of this decision is to convince Washington’s European partners to take over from the American troops deployed alongside the Syrian Democratic Forces and do the dirty work.

According to analysts, the United States is trying in this way to involve Europe in a short-lived Syrian adventure while withdrawing from this quagmire.

But will Europe fall into the trap?

2. On France 24, the yellow vest Faouzi Lellouche hijacks the Zionist plot!

Normally, a typical individual invited to a propaganda channel like France 24 has no chance of getting out alive: well-meaning sharks eat him with three jaw clatters.

The show, soberly called “Le Débat”, was devoted to the verbal aggression against the so-called philosopher Alain Finkielkraut, who eclipsed and splashed the entire GJ movement with blood, a very communitarian “blood”.

3. Tehran: “Trump likes surprises, so we’re going to give him some! »

Tehran is in a position to surprise Washington if it decides to tighten its sanctions against Iranian oil exports, Iranian diplomat Mohammad Javad Zarif announced in an interview with the Swiss daily Basler Zeitung.

“Trump likes surprises, so we’re going to offer him some,” he said, referring to the hypothesis that all Iranian oil importers would decide to comply with American pressure, adding that Iran had other means at its disposal.

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