East Euphrates: the USA is working for Daech’s survival

According to the latest news from the eastern Euphrates in the south of Deir ez-Zor province, clashes between Syrian Kurdish militiamen and Daech residues continue.

A source told Mashregh News that the situation on the ground was changing in a suspicious way and that events could be expected to complicate the situation.

Kurdish militias have recently dominated the eastern banks of the Euphrates. Daech residues still occupy the city of Marashidah and the Khouma fields. The situation could change by 180 degrees, the source said.

Kurdish militias were in control and were in the process of regaining control of the eastern Euphrates when terrorist elements succeeded in reversing the balance of power within 48 hours. Currently, they occupy 30 square kilometres of the territory, or several cities, but have withdrawn from Marashidah.

For terrorists, the way is clear to Iraq’s borders. The so-called anti-Daech coalition led by the United States is considering a new scenario to save Daech’s last pockets by directing them west of al-Anbar province.

All these actions have led Iraqi army units to be on the alert along the borders with Syria. In addition, helicopters of the military command of al-Anbar province fly over desert areas (Al-Karah, Baer al-Wah…).

Iraqi units positioned near the border with Syria attacked terrorist positions in the city of Baqour, killing and injuring several people.

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