European Parliament: “Russia is no longer considered as a strategic partner of the EU”

The European Parliament announced on Tuesday 12 March that Russia was no longer considered a strategic partner.

By 402 votes in favour, 163 against and 89 abstentions, MEPs ratified a resolution stating that “Russia can no longer be considered as a strategic partner”.

MEPs said the EU must remain open to imposing new sanctions on Russia if it continues to violate international law.

They note that the subjects of tension between the European Union and Russia had increased since 2015, including “intervention in Syria, interference in Libya and Central Africa and permanent violations in Ukraine”.

The European Parliament’s final declaration refers to “Moscow’s support for anti-European and far-right parties and continued interference in political elections and human rights violations in its own country”.

Since the beginning of tensions in eastern Ukraine, the United States and Europe have adopted sanctions against Moscow, accusing it of “interference” in the crisis. These sanctions are extended every six months.


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