Will General Gaïd Salah warn two neighbouring countries?

In recent days, the mainstream media have constantly referred to the snowball effect of events in Algeria, Libya and Morocco, failing to highlight all the military actions currently taking place at Algeria’s doorstep: In Morocco, the Americans are holding major military manoeuvres with the Moroccan military, while in Libya, General Haftar, whom everyone gives for the pawn of the Arab-Russian axis (which is far from being proven), is marching towards Tripoli. What is the United States up to in the Sahel? And above all, what plan are they concocting at the gates of Algeria?

Today, Tuesday, April 9, the President of the Council of the Nation in Algeria, Abdelkader Bensalah, was appointed interim President for ninety days at a meeting of Parliament.

Abdelkader Bensalah’s appointment comes one week after Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s resignation on April 2.

Yesterday, Monday, April 8, the Chief of Staff of the Algerian National People’s Army carried out a working and inspection visit to the 2nd Military Region.

In the meantime, the Algérie Patriotique website published an article, written by Kamel M., that addresses the two objectives of this important trip.

“The movement of Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaïd Salah to the west of the country on Tuesday, April 9, seems to have a twofold objective.

The first consists in addressing citizens again to explain the latest measures taken, in particular the attachment of the intelligence services to the ANP (Algerian National People’s Army) headquarters after the dismissal of General Bachir Tartag[Athmane Tartag, editor’s note].

The second should take the form of a warning to two neighbouring countries.

Indeed, at a time when Algeria is going through a turbulent zone, in Morocco, Mohammed VI’s army is stepping up joint military manoeuvres with the American army to, it is said, train in the fight against terrorist groups. But this presence of American forces on Moroccan soil in this particular context is not without concern for the Algerian military authorities, who have been focused for several weeks on the political transition.

Ahmed Gaïd Salah’s move to the 2nd Military Region, which will probably be followed by another in the 3rd Region, as close as possible to the borders with Morocco, is a clear message to those to whom the Chief of Staff has constantly reminded that Algerians “will be able to prevent destabilisation attempts from abroad”. The repeated warnings of the strong man of the army are addressed both to neighbouring countries and to the former colonial power, whose position remains ambiguous, although France has, from the beginning of the popular movement, assured that it would not interfere in Algeria’s internal affairs.

Another country to which Gaïd Salah’s message is addressed is Libya, where the self-proclaimed Marshal Khalifa Haftar is trying to occupy Tripoli. Some have seen in this sudden bellicose fever that has seized the snowman of the Emirates a link with the political crisis in Algeria, which some expect to weaken in its role as mediator in this country, which has been plagued by a deadly civil war since the fall of the Gaddafi regime.

Algeria had, until then, succeeded in bringing the enemy brothers together thanks to the tireless efforts of the two former foreign ministers Ramtane Lamamra and Abdelkader Messahel.

The noises of boots arriving in Algeria from Tripoli raise fears of infiltration attempts across the border, which is hermetically sealed by the Algerian army. The main objective of the frequent inspection visits by the Chief of Staff of the ANP to the 4th and 6th Military Regions, in the south-east and far south of the country, is to ensure that the armed forces do not lower their guard and maintain a high level of alert. »


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