Former French ambassador: Israel is a state of apartheid

Upon his retirement, Gérard Araud, French Ambassador to Washington, gave several interviews, characterized by a very free tone. In an interview, he criticized Israel’s policy towards Palestine.

Retirements are often an opportunity to free speech, and this is undoubtedly the case of Gérard Araud, French ambassador to Washington, already known for his outspokenness, appreciated in circles hostile to Donald Trump.
In an interview with the American media The Atlantic on April 19, the outgoing ambassador described Israel as an “apartheid state”. “The problem is that there is such an imbalance of power between[Palestine and Israel] that the strongest could conclude that it is not in his interest to make concessions,” he analyzed during this meeting.

Gérard Araud also argued that the Hebrew state, in a position of superiority, had an interest in the status quo. “[Israel] does not have to make any painful decision concerning the Palestinians, either to deprive them completely of a state or to make them citizens of Israel,” he said.

I gave everything to the Israelis. The Israelis will have to give me something
Gérard Araud also commented on the US President’s policy, particularly in the Middle East. “He is an absolute negotiator,” he said. And to report on comments that Donald Trump allegedly made to Emmanuel Macron: “I gave everything to the Israelis. The Israelis will have to give me something.”


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