Former U.S. official anticipates failure of U.S. sanctions on Iranian crude oil

Unilateral sanctions by President Trump’s administration are doomed to failure, says former U.S. Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman.

Sherman, who acted as US nuclear negotiator in the talks between Iran and the 5+1 Group (then formed by the US, the UK, Russia, France and China, plus Germany), has assured in a series of tweets published on Monday that the White House’s unilateral sanctions against Iranian crude oil exports will fail and has recalled that, as we have seen before, coercive measures do not serve to subdue the Persian country.

“When Europe began negotiating with Iran in the early 2000s, Iran had 164 centrifuges and then tough sanctions were imposed (…) Iran reached 19,000 in 2013,” wrote the former US under-secretary, who regretted that Trump and his team had chosen to follow a path that does not work, as has already been demonstrated.

Likewise, she assures that Tehran will not negotiate with a US Administration under Trump’s command and explains that this refusal is largely due to the custom of the current tenant of the White House and his team to take the US out of international agreements.

In his opinion, the Iranian authorities will take the path of resistance until 2020, when Trump leaves the White House (in case he is not re-elected), and then assess whether it is possible to negotiate with a new US Administration.
The Islamic Republic, one of the big producers and exporters of crude oil, has assured that it will frustrate the US oil sanctions that have only triggered the price of condensate worldwide. Meanwhile, several Iranian crude oil importers have repudiated Washington’s decision against Iran’s oil and others have chosen not to abide by it.

In addition, experts fear that Trump’s anti-Rania decision will end up hurting the United States because of the rise in oil prices and will provoke an increase in tensions between Brussels and Washington.

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