France is determined to respect the PGAC

France has expressed its determination to remain in the nuclear agreement (PGAC), even after the White House’s decision to tighten sanctions against the oil sector in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to an extract from a press briefing, which was published on Tuesday 23 April on the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “France is determined to continue to implement the PGAC, unanimously endorsed by the United Nations Security Council in its Resolution 2231 (2015)”.

French diplomacy has stated that “with its European partners, France intends to continue its efforts to ensure that Iran reaps the economic benefits of lifting sanctions as long as it complies with all its nuclear obligations”.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that the INSTEX financial compensation mechanism, created by France, Germany and the United Kingdom, will facilitate financial transactions for European companies wishing to trade with Iran, in accordance with European and international law.

In response to this statement, the Iranian Embassy in Paris announced, on its Twitter account, that Iran still welcomes realistic positions aimed at improving international relations and supporting the principles of multilateralism against baseless views that seek to destroy diplomatic gains and propagate unilateralism.


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