France: the National Assembly adopts the anti-crackers law

In France, the National Assembly adopted, on Tuesday, February 5, the anti-breaking law, designed to legalize the repression of yellow vests.

The text, which has been widely criticized on all sides, was voted by 387 votes to 92 since the majority of the seats are held by the ruling party. The Senate will still have to vote on this on March 12.

50 LREM deputies abstained. This is the first time that a bill has been ignored by such a large number of majority parliamentarians.

The highly controversial anti-breaking law prohibits demonstrators from covering their faces and extends the powers of the police to counter protesters who are described in the text as “breakers”.

The protest movement in France began months ago following the rise in gasoline prices, but it has grown and is currently targeting a large part of Emmanuel Macron’s economic policies.


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