French Ambassador to Washington: U.S. no longer sheriff of the world

France’s ambassador to the United States, Gérard Araud, repudiates the foreign policy of White House tenants in recent years.

In an interview granted exclusively to The Atlantic and published on Friday, Araud made succulent statements in which he addressed the Iranian nuclear case and the so-called “agreement of the century.

On the Iranian nuclear case, the head of the French mission in Washington said that the unilateral decision by US President Donald Trump to withdraw his country from the nuclear agreement signed in 2015 by Iran and the 5+1 Group (US, UK, Russia, France and China, plus Germany), surprised Paris.

The French ambassador said we were negotiating with our partners to work out how to move the nuclear agreement forward. “Suddenly, it was all over in one night.Trump (…) No one had received a warning, and the next night, no one could explain to us why the U.S. decision,” Araud said. At another point in his remarks, the European diplomat referred to the Palestinian question, predicting that the so-called “agreement of the century” would fail by 99 percent.

“This plan (agreement of the century) is very close to what the Israelis want, (But) is it doomed to failure? I have to say yes in 99%,” he stressed.

Trump’s controversial plan to supposedly “resolve the Israeli-Palestinian case” includes, among other pro-Israeli measures, the rejection of the right of return to their land of Palestinian refugees, expelled from it after the establishment of the Israeli occupation regime in 1948.

Araud added that with the “agreement of the century,” which “is a 50-page plan,” the U.S. president may be best suited to promote the interests of Israel’s regime.

Araud also stated that because of Washington’s positions and actions toward its partners and enemies, the United States can no longer be sheriff of the world. “America’s role as sheriff of the world is over. (Former President Barack) Obama began and Trump really continued. This can be seen in Ukraine and every day in Syria,” he said.

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