French yellow vests protest for 20 consecutive Saturdays

On 20 consecutive Saturdays, the “yellow vests” take to the streets of France to denounce the policy of President Emmanuel Macron.

Tens of thousands of “yellow vests” have returned to the streets of France for the twentieth consecutive Saturday and this despite the prohibition of demonstrating in the center of several cities such as Paris, Bordeaux or Saint Etienne. The “yellow vests” accuse the government of being mainly responsible for the violence, for limiting its constitutional right, and for having ordered the police to repress the citizens who like them dare to challenge it.

These men and women are representatives of the people, they are citizens, they are demonstrators whom the government refuses to listen to. Philippe, Christian, Véronique and Mathilde are electricians, chauffeurs, secretaries or nurses and, like them, other Frenchmen tell President Macron what they claim.

The government systematically minimises the number of demonstrators with figures that do not correspond to the reality of the demonstrations. A stubborn reality that shows that the social movement of the “yellow vests”, in spite of all the obstacles, continues determined and is on the verge of fulfilling the five months of protests.

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