Gaza: the Israeli army acknowledges its weakness towards the Palestinians

Referring to the incendiary kites and improvised explosive devices of young Palestinians, the Israeli analyst shared the fear and sense of insecurity experienced by Israeli settlers. Indeed, the use of kites and helium-filled balloons is a new innovation by young Palestinians to address the Israeli regime’s violence against Palestinian demonstrators in the “March of the Great Return”, an initiative that scared the occupants of Quds.

The Israeli army has announced that it is unable to cope with the incendiary kites and improvised explosive devices being thrown by young Palestinians at Israeli settlers near the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli site Wala, quoting Amir Bohbot, a Zionist military analyst, wrote: “Due to the army’s inability to cope with kites and explosives launched from the Gaza Strip, Israeli settlers are experiencing a strong sense of insecurity. »

“The explosives used by young Palestinians these days are even more powerful than in the past,” he said.

“Recently, a device to launch incendiary kites at Israeli soldiers and settlers was quickly built in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian youth have repeatedly managed to drop more than a hundred homemade bombs in a single day. In recent weeks, incendiary kites have seriously threatened the lives of settlers near the Gaza Strip. One of these kites exploded last week not far from a house.

The Israeli regime has not yet succeeded in preventing the launching of these incendiary devices, which have so far caused material damage estimated at $2.5 million. Similarly, about 500 hectares of agricultural land used by Israeli settlers were also burned.


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