Hama: terrorists attack the Christian city of Mhardeh

Terrorists launch major attacks against a Christian city north of Hamah in Syria. Armenian forces landed a few days ago at Damascus’ request in Aleppo.

Yesterday, Wednesday, February 27, terrorists carried out a major assault on the city of Mhardeh, located in the northern Rif of Hamah province, seriously damaging the civil infrastructure of this predominantly Christian city.

The attack was carried out by the terrorist group Jaysh al-Izza linked to the Free Syrian Army (ASL), which has been involved for months in intense clashes with the Syrian army in Hamah.

Earlier today, the Syrian army launched a major assault on the areas controlled by Jaysh al-Izza in the northern Rif of Hamah governorate, pouring a shower of missiles and shells into the terrorist group’s positions in the cities of al-Latamnah, Kafr Zita, Arabeen, Hasraya and Zakat.

According to a military source in Mhardeh, Jaysh al-Izza’s attack on the city caused extensive damage to the thermal power plant, leaving thousands without electricity tonight.

The source indicated that the terrorists had fired at least 15 missiles at the thermal power plant, which has recently been the target of their retaliatory attacks against the Syrian government.

A source among the power plant staff told the online newspaper Al-Masdar News earlier this week that the damage caused to the site had cost the Syrian government more than one billion Syrian pounds (about $1.94 million).

Mhardeh is the largest Christian city in Syria; tens of thousands of people live there, including a large number of civilians displaced from the Hama region in the north of the country.

It should be recalled that since the visit of the US National Security Advisor to Armenia last October, where he made interventionist remarks, to the point of angering Prime Minister Pachinian, there have been increasing signs of rapprochement between Yerevan and countries such as Syria, Iran and Russia.


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