Haniyeh in Moscow, the Kornet in Gaza, what is Russia doing?

For the editorial writer from Rai al-Youm, by inviting the head of Hamas’ political office in Moscow, the Kremlin acknowledges the role of the Resistance as a political actor in the Middle East.

This is a major development since Israel’s recent anti-Resistance campaign in Gaza has turned into a fiasco and Palestinian missile launches have included Russian-made devices.

Abdel Bari Atwan stressed that the Kremlin’s invitation to Ismail Haniyeh to come to Moscow soon is of great importance because it comes after the Resistance’s recent victory over the Israeli army in Gaza. While it is true that Russia has decided to invite a politician rather than a commander, “this too makes sense”: indeed, the Russians are aware of the failure of the American “Deal of the Century” project and are taking the liberty of engaging in one of the most sensitive issues in the Middle East, if only to compete with the Americans and show them that “they can do the impossible” there too.
Moreover, Moscow’s initiative to invite Ismail Haniyeh would also mean recognition of the political role of the Resistance, while Americans and Israelis continue to describe the Resistance as “terrorist”, from one sanction to another. Moscow would thus seek to convey a message to the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, advising him to put an end to the monopolization of power since Palestine is also and above all its Resistance. This invitation would also send a clear message to Israel and its accomplices who have imposed a total blockade on the Gaza Strip since 2007. For Russia, the Resistance is a very effective political and military weapon that the Palestinian Authority simply supports verbally but not in its actions, a fact that Moscow believes must change. “The Resistance has decided to create a real military deterrent to the Israeli occupiers, which Russia now seems to be taking into account, showing a certain distrust of the Autonomous Authority, which, 25 years after the beginning of compromise negotiations with Tel Aviv, is still rowing in a vacuum,” he added.

But did this visit also bring other messages? “The Resistance’s response to the Israeli commando operation on 11 November in Khan Younes took the Israelis by surprise, as they discovered, at their own expense, the existence of a very high-precision, Russian-dominated Palestinian ballistic arsenal. Russia now seems ready to cooperate more with the Palestinian Resistance and it is Israel that should be very concerned, the author says.

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