Idlib: the fiefdoms of the terrorists were destroyed by the Syrian army

In response to the terrorists’ violation of the agreement on the de-escalation zone, Syrian army forces hit their positions in the suburbs of Hamah and south of Idlib on Thursday 21 February.

According to the official Syrian agency SANA, an army unit had foiled an attempt to infiltrate terrorist groups from the Wadi Dawrat axis to army positions on the outskirts of Massasna, in the northern suburbs of Hama. The Syrian army operation left several terrorists dead and wounded.

Terrorist groups attacked residential areas in the northern suburb of Zahraa in Aleppo with rockets on Thursday, causing material damage, SANA reported.

Syrian army units also targeted the positions of terrorist groups in the two villages of Shariaa and Houeiz in the Ghab plain area.

They also targeted terrorist HQs of the “al-Izza Brigades” on the outskirts of Hasrayah, Arbaïn, Lattamneh and Kafar Zeita in the northern suburbs of Hamah, inflicting heavy losses on terrorists.

The intensification of clashes between the Syrian army and terrorists on the outskirts of Idlib comes at a time when the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said on Wednesday 20 February that military operations against terrorists in the governorate of Idlib were “inevitable”.
“I think this is inevitable because terrorists do not surrender and of course their control over this Syrian region must be ended,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, quoted by Russia Today, said on Wednesday.

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