Iran warns of possible uprising in Saudi Arabia

“If the United States’ allies in the region continue their policy of dependence on the enemies of Islam, they will face the uprising of their humiliated citizens. These remarks by Admiral Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of the Supreme Council for National Security in Iran, are intended to warn of the possible consequences of the American President’s statements, which are sometimes of a nature to humiliate Riyadh.

“You are nothing without us…”
Indeed, Donald Trump, in his usual statements, takes pleasure in spreading in the public arena what some countries in the Middle East would be without his country’s help. Saudi Arabia is regularly targeted in the comments of the tenant of the white house described as humiliating. The Iranian official recalled some of the Republican billionaire’s statements: “You are nothing without us and would not last a single day without the support of the United States,” he said. He also referred to the same words of the American President that touched King Salmane. Donald Trump would have hammered that the Arab sovereign could not hold out for 15 days if Washington’s military support was lacking. This dependence spread out in the public square will create other situations that Ali Shamkhani believes are quite damaging.


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