Iran will act if Pakistan remains idle

The Deputy Chief of Intelligence at the Iranian Armed Forces Headquarters said that “if the Pakistani government does not take action to suppress terrorists, Iran will do so as the situation requires”.

In an exclusive interview with the Iranian news agency Tasnim on Sunday, March 3, Brigadier General Majid Mirahmadi said that the Islamic Republic of Iran reserves the right to ensure its security.

“After the terrorist attack in Zahedan, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Iranian Armed Forces issued a strong warning to the Pakistani government. Pakistan will have to take action and expel terrorists from its territory or the Islamic Republic of Iran will reserve the right to ensure its security where necessary. The Pakistani government has promised us to do everything necessary to eliminate terrorists. In case nothing is done by Islamabad, we will not hesitate to attack terrorists depending on the situation,” said Brigadier General Majid Mirahmadi.

Asked about the “Declaration of the second stage of the Revolution”, issued on 13 February by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Brigadier General Mirahmadi replied that this statement emphasized the concept of “creating hope”. “The Declaration of the second stage of the Revolution indeed offers a clear perspective to the Iranian nation for a way forward. What the enemy wants is for the Iranians to be discouraged and disappointed. In contrast to this campaign of discouragement of global arrogance, the Leader of the Revolution paved the way for an acceleration of the movement in his statement,” he reaffirmed.

He added that the problems facing Iran stemmed from the actions of foreign enemies. “Americans want Iranian political parties to accuse each other of being responsible for the problems that exist while these problems emanate from sanctions imposed by the United States,” he reaffirmed.


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