Iranian nuclear deal endangered by US

The nuclear agreement reached between Iran and G5+1 runs the risk of collapsing due to the incapacity of the European signatory countries.

This agreement is also at risk because of the inability of the signatory countries to put the United States in its place after abandoning the pact last year and starting with a series of sanctions aimed not only at Iran, but at anyone who trades with Iran.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urges the United Kingdom to stand by Washington in its attempt to subdue Iran, following Tehran’s announcement to reduce some of its commitments to the nuclear agreement signed in 2015 with the 5+1 countries.

After the withdrawal of the United States from the nuclear agreement, the European Union (EU) and the European signatory countries agreed to create a mechanism to avoid sanctions by the United States and to allow Iranian trade with Europe. However, the implementation of this mechanism is not taking place within the established times and the United States is increasing its antiranian policy, with the announcement of new sanctions and the sending of an aircraft carrier to the Middle East as a dissuasive measure against alleged Iranian provocations.

The nuclear pact between Iran and the 5+1 countries took 12 years of negotiations at the highest level, but Washington’s position has left no alternative to Tehran and now it is the rest of the signatory countries that must move to save this historic agreement.

From London, the foreign minister’s advisors have reminded Jeremy Hunt that Tehran has not broken the agreement nor has it led to any sanctions. This week, members of British diplomacy will travel to Iran to ask for restraint.

Ian Díez, London.


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