Iranian President begins three-day visit to Iraq amid growing anti-American resentment

The difference is too obvious: in December, the US President was secretly travelling to a military base in a country and beyond in a region where, by his admission, the United States has so far lost some 7 trillion dollars: “All this and the US President does not even dare to show himself in public”. This country is Iraq, which is hosting the Iranian President this Monday with great pomp and ceremony for a three-day visit. While the majority of Iraqi officials have boycotted the US President, Rohani will meet with all senior Iraqi officials, including the great source of imitation, Ayatollah Sistani, known for his refusal to receive foreign leaders in court. America is an occupying power and the generator of the greatest security danger Iraq has ever faced, namely Daech, unlike Iran, which is a “brother” and “brother” to it, which means everything in the Middle East: unfailing blood ties of mutual assistance without any form of interference that could harm the independence and integrity of the parties whose scope and meaning are largely unknown to the Americans.

Officially welcomed by his Iraqi counterpart Barham Saleh, Hassan Rohani said that the main objective of his visit was to develop bilateral relations between Iran and Iraq. During a joint press briefing with the Iranian President, the Iraqi President described as “decisive” the visit of his Iranian counterpart, whom he sees as “a dear guest” who represents Iraq’s only true ally in its war against Daech.

Before flying, President Rohani referred to last week’s visit to Iran by the head of the Iraqi Parliament to report on the meetings held between the Iraqi and Iranian authorities, stressing that there are many areas of cooperation between the two countries.

“Historically and culturally, we are two nations that, for centuries, have been next to each other. We have always maintained friendly and fraternal relations,” he said.

“The Americans are spreading iranophobia. They seek to sow discord among the states in the region and pit them against each other, both to secure their backs and to protect Israel’s regime,” he noted.

“Fortunately, all US attempts have finally failed, the failure of the Warsaw anti-Iranian conference is proof of this,” he added.

Mr. Rohani noted that relations with neighbouring countries, which also have friendly relations with Tehran, are the highest priority of Iran’s foreign policy.

In part of his speech, Mr. Rohani described the project to establish industrial cities along the Iraqi-Iranian borders as a subject of interest between the two parties and explained: “We must address issues related to our common borders. We focus on safety and environmental issues. We will therefore address crucial issues during this visit and hope to reach agreement. »

The Iranian President is accompanied by a delegation of businessmen who are expected to attend an economic forum in Baghdad.

This visit should also benefit both countries and lead to the development of bilateral relations in all areas: health, trade and investment.

Iranian diplomat Mohammad Javad Zarif said President Hassan Rohani’s imminent visit to Iraq marks the beginning of a new chapter in relations between Tehran and Baghdad.


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