Iraq: al-Anbar desert declared a military zone

Against the backdrop of the increasingly widespread actions of the American military in Al-Anbar where the United States, according to some sources, is seeking to multiply its bases in order to “re-case” its deputy d√§echists evacuated from neighbouring Syria, Iraqi security forces have just declared, on Monday 4 March, the al-Anbar desert as a “military zone”. This decision follows a request from the Provincial Council of al-Anbar, which is concerned about American actions and, in particular, the transfer in recent days of hundreds of Daech terrorists from neighbouring Syria. The declaration of the al-Anbar desert as a “military zone” opens the way for large-scale armed operations by Iraqi forces, while making American military patrols in this region, on which the United States has focused, very difficult and risky.

In Iraq, a well-informed source said that security forces had called on civilians living in western areas of al-Anbar province to withdraw.

“Security forces have declared the military area the al-Anbar desert. They asked civilians, especially livestock farmers, to leave and head for al-Routbah, al-Nukhayb and the so-called km 160 area,” the source told the Lebanese news channel, al-Ahed.

Deployment of hundreds of daechists to desert areas of Iraq

Similarly, Farhan Mohammed al-Dulaimi, a member of the Provincial Council of al-Anbar, reported the presence of hundreds of terrorist elements from Daech in the areas between the deserts of al-Shamia, Nineveh and Salah ad-Din.

Al-Dulaimi said he had obtained this information from livestock farmers in these areas. This Iraqi official said that the daechists pose a serious threat to Iraqi military troops operating in these areas.

He said that Daech’s sleeper cells, supported by the US, were still deployed near the Iraqi border with Saudi Arabia, Syria and Jordan.

“These areas are difficult to access and security forces have not yet entered them,” he said.

This member of the al-Anbar Provincial Council called on the central Iraqi government to make efforts to clear all desert areas and arrest the elements of Daech, because, in his own words, the presence of terrorists in these areas also poses a serious danger to civilians.


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