Iraq: French fighter aircraft are carrying new weapon shipments

French fighters, a country that has already shown many signs of its willingness to establish itself in Iraq and establish a military base there under the pretext of the fight against terrorism, carry weapons and ammunition to the Iraq-Syrian border, citing as justification the “final battle” against the terrorists in Daech.

Following the start of a heavy battle between militiamen of the Syrian Democratic Forces (FDS), supported by the United States, and the residues of the Daech terrorists operating in eastern Syria, French fighters carried weapons and ammunition to the Iraqi-Syrian border on Sunday, February 10.

Mostafa Bali, spokesman for the FDS, described the battle as “very intense” since the terrorists who are trying to defend their last stronghold are among Daech’s “most experienced”.

The last stronghold of Daech is located very close to the Iraqi border and extends over two villages. The FDS set itself the objective of first liberating the al-Baghouz region.

According to Mostafa Bali, “this military operation was organized a long time ago, but the FDS postponed it for about ten days to allow about 200,000 civilians to evacuate the area of operation”.

He added that the area under siege by the FDS would soon be liberated.

Operation Chammal is the name given from 20 September 2014 to the participation of the French armed forces, as part of the US coalition, in the wars in Iraq and Syria. According to political analysts, France is mistaken in wanting to follow in the footsteps of the Americans and seek to establish itself in Iraq. In doing so, it fuels anti-occupation resentments that are constantly gaining ground in Iraq.

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